Southern Spain Investments

Helping investors gain a foothold in the Spanish property market.

Northern Group is a leading property management company with operations across southern Spain.

We only work with exclusive real estate opportunities that are not normally available to the general public.

Buying a property in Spain is a major investment that deserves care and attention to ensure the purchase goes smoothly, and any potential risks are managed from the start.

We understand that time is valuable and as such, we strive to create fast, transparent, and positive experiences for investors looking to enter the Spanish real estate market.

Our Services

Legal Advice

It is advisable to seek legal advice when buying or building a property in Spain as there are several aspects of a Spanish property transaction that you may not be used to from your home country. We have inhouse lawyers ready to assist you, but you are of course welcome to bring your own.


There are several aspects of a Spanish property transaction that you may want to seek advice from an accountant on. This can be your personal tax situation, the capital gains tax in connection with the sale of a property or the taxation of rental income.


We can help you translate all important documents that may be needed to buy a home into Spanish.

Languages Covered: English, German, French, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finish, Russian, Dutch, Mandarin, Arabic.

Property Insurance

When buying a property in Spain it is always advisable to insure your property against theft or damage or unwanted occupiers. We work closely with some of the best and most price-competitive insurance bureaus in Spain, who speak your language.

Bank Accounts

When buying or building a property, there are various ongoing costs that you may wish to pay locally from a Spanish bank account. This includes property taxes, “basura” garbage collection, electricity, water, insurance, or other expenses related to property maintenance.

Property Management

Enjoying your southern Spanish property is one thing, but maintaining it while you are out of the country, is quite another.

Being a property owner in Spain but only living there part-time can be challenging. Maybe you have a swimming pool that needs regular cleaning or a garden that needs tending while you’re away. You may also have work done around the house or in the garden while you are not in Spain.

At Northern Group, we take care of all your property needs…every day, all year around.

Guest/AirBnB Management

✓ We hold the keys to the property.

✓ We represent you in your absence towards employees, suppliers and authorities.

✓ We inspect the property the day before your tenants arrive. We ensure that the garden is well-groomed, the property is clean, beds are made, the pool is open and clean, necessary repairs have been made, and if requested, the fridge stocked and flowers are on the table.

✓ We greet guests on the day of arrival, explain the proper use of the property and collect the deposit if required.

✓ We are available during guests’ stay to answer any questions and/or solve any issues that may arise.

✓ We are present at guest check out, check for any damage and settle the deposit.

✓ We prepare the property for the next guests.

Operational management

✓ We handle cleaning staff, pool assistance, gardeners.

✓ We can be present in connection with minor work on the property.

✓ After bad weather, (heavy rain, strong wind), we carry out ad hoc inspections and ventilate in case of increased humidity to avoid possible future problems.

Financial Management

✓ We make regular (monthly) payments to staff, pay bills and ensure adequate cash flow.

✓ We manage the collection of rental income.

✓ We create quarterly financial overviews for the property (costs/rental income).

✓ We communicate with the accountant about all the usual tax issues related to the property (income and property tax).

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